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KISS: New public cloud platform based on HPE Helion OpenStack

London, 29 November 2016 – Today, at Discover 2016 - the Technology Showcase Conference for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) - a new cloud platform will be introduced: KISS. KISS is an open public cloud, fully based on HPE Helion OpenStack. The new platform distinguishes itself from its competitors through its openness, simplicity and the choice for HPE.

HPE quality

KISS runs on the enterprise hardware of HPE, guaranteeing the highest-quality infrastructure. "Because we make use of the OpenStack implementation of HPE, an optimal combination of the KVM hypervisor with the hardware is assured", according to Gerben van Leeuwen, CEO of KISS. Despite choosing for maximum quality, KISS is extremely competitive in terms of price. "We consider a fair price and an open platform important for our target group. Because we handle support issues as much as possible online, and accept only online payments, we can minimise a lot of overhead", says Van Leeuwen.

Xavier Beauchamps, Vice President, Worldwide Indirect Digital Services at HPE: "We're focused on making hybrid IT simple for customers, and the KISS platform is a great example of how we're working with partners to do so. Customers can choose a straightforward cloud solution, with the peace of mind that it's powered by high-quality HPE infrastructure."

This offering provides much needed transparency for customers, as it is often unclear as to what equipment their data is stored and processed.

Latest generation of cloud technology

In the technical area, the KISS platform completely meets the requirements of the new cloud generation. The high-availability storage platforms are fully equipped with high-speed All Flash SSD drives. “We know that there is a huge market for KISS amongst techies, devOps and professionals. In addition to our user-friendly portal, the user also has access to the Horizon version of HPE Helion, as well as to the complete API", says Ruben van der Zwan, CTO at KISS. "We have set up the platform in the way we would have liked it ourselves if we were going to make use of the public cloud. In other words: always knowing where your data is, using proven technologies and on a platform without lock-in".

Local presence

KISS has 9 data center locations in Europe and New York. Once introduced, KISS will be immediately available from Amsterdam, one of the biggest internet hubs in the world. Many more local data centers are scheduled to be added in 2017. Because the regulations governing data security differ per country or continent, KISS considers it important to be able to offer its services as locally as possible, close to the client.

HPE also partners with KISSes sister company SaasNow as part of Cloud28+. Through the Cloud28+ catalog, SaasNow is providing customers with cloud-based BI and business analytics solutions focused on SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics software.

About KISS

KISS stands for Keep It Smart & Simple and its principle is to supply its public cloud in a simple way, in a high-speed quality HPE infrastructure, via local data centers and with an open character.

KISS is part of Equium Holding from the Netherlands, an organisation that formed the foundation for successful internet platforms such as hosting provider Argeweb, Amsio and SaasNow, the infrastructure platform for SAS Software.

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Gerben van Leeuwen, CEO


Cloud servers from KISS Open Public Cloud meaning open Source virtual servers based on HPE Helion OpenStack.


Fast cloud servers based on the newest HPE Technology, highly available storage on SSD discs.


Cloud servers from local data centers across the world, so you know exactly where your data is located.


Easy to deploy cloud servers, easy payments and a simple portal to control your OpenStack environments.

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